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Shop Updates

Alrighty I think it’s time for a little shop update post!


I finally made and posted patterns for these guys to etsy & ravelry. They’ve been requested for a long time so I’m glad I finally did it. I’m also offering a bundle of these 2 plus the sailor moon can for $8.


Haha this picture is ridiculous.

If you guys follow me on instagram, you’ll probably know about the second shop I opened on etsy, called soft heritage.


Unfortunately after a couple of months I wasn’t getting a ton of views or a single sale so I decided to throw in the towel and close up. I’ll be moving the inventory over to HELLOhappy over the next few weeks, here are a few of them:


The reason I wanted to open a new shop is because the items I wanted to make don’t really fit in with HELLOhappy’s aesthetic, but I guess I can try to weasle in some non-kawaii things once in a while. 😀

Oh, I also posted the pattern for the sheep phone sleeve I made like 6 months ago!


Next post will be a free pattern! I had to rifle through my pattern notebooks to find the totoro headband pattern and came across the pattern for this guy that I never posted.


Look forward to that! See you guys later 🙂

Little bunny free crochet pattern
Baby mannequin free crochet pattern

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