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I don’t give a knit tote bag & more

Boom! 3 new tote bags are up at etsy!

tote bag with the words "i don't give a knit" and knitting needles

I don’t give a knit! This tote bag just makes me want to shout! And it has a sister:

a tote bag with the words "no knits given" and knitting needles

No knits given. The only hard part is deciding which bag is more *you*

Of course, if neither of these is your thing, you probably won’t appreciate this one either:

a tote bag with the words "whisper knotty things to me" with a yarn ball

Whisper knotty things to me, bahahaha. I thought this one up right after I got out of bed a couple days ago. “I have to put that on a tote!!” were the first words out of my mouth, and I quickly jotted it down.

So head over to HELLOhappy at etsy to grab one (or all!) of these funny tote bags.

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