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New Crochet Pattern: Slouchy Mushroom Beret

So, I know what some of you might be thinking…

Hey, isn’t this like the millionth mushroom hat this chick has posted??

And the answer is…close. It’s the 3rd! I made one a good 2 or 3 years ago, then improved it and released a new one. So why a 3rd?

Well, because I recently got an order for a finished hat (the 2nd version) and it was absolute torture to make!! I hated every minute of it! It was made with ww yarn and just took bloody forever to finish, so I decided I needed to improve my life with a faster pattern. Behold, the chunky-weight version! Available on Etsy & Ravelry, of course.

mushroom hat crochet pattern

I actually had FUN making this one, so any and all orders are welcome haha. Even though I made this to sell as a physical item for my own, personal enjoyment, I figured I should probably post the pattern for everyone else, too.


This one actually uses 2 strands of ww held together, instead of super bulky yarn. I wrote it this way so I could offer a larger selection of colors to my shoppers. SB is only available in a few shades, typically, but ww is available in hundreds!! You could probably use sb yarn for this pattern, but I feel like it’ll probably come out a little bit bigger, so you might want to lessen the amount of stitches in the pattern.



mushroom hat crochet pattern

Making the spots on the cap is really fun, too! I kind of made them randomly and it somehow worked out really well.

mushroom hat crochet pattern

This could make a super cute halloween costume as well!! Man I’d love to see a full costume put together with my hat on top :O

Now run over to Etsy or Ravelry and grab the pattern! 😀

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