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The biggest pattern I’ve ever done!

So I started a new crochet pattern a couple weeks ago and it’s going really well, considering it’s the biggest project I’ve ever attempted! Save one blanket, anyway. But it was a granny square blanket, so technically it was a ton of little pieces, not one large one.

You might have seen my post about the rectangle shawl I found at a thrift store:

rectangle shawl

I noted how simple the design was, and even made a little diagram. And I thought to myself “maybe if I’m ever feeling really ambitious, I’ll make a crochet shawl. Mayyyybe.”

Well, I got that feeling about a month ago and decided to just do it!!



Basically, I’m making 2 gigantic rectangles, then sewing them together. I’m about 3/4 done with the first one and starting to slowly lose my mind.

crochet rectangle shawl

I’m doing the whole thing in single crochet…


But it was the only stitch that flowed how I wanted it to, so I had no choice! I played around with different stitch counts and accent stitches for a couple of days before committing. And it’s not taking as long as I feared.



The pattern itself will fit s-l sizes, I think. It’s not a restrictive style at all. I will definitely have lots of different sized people try it on when it’s finished to be sure!!

That’s all I have for today, hopefully I’ll have another update in a couple more weeks!

Free crochet pattern: bear coffee sleeve
My favorite crochet stitch: the puff stitch

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