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Went camping Saturday night

My boyfriend and I decided to go camping on saturday night earlier in the week, not even realizing it was the 4th of July haha. We ended up at Reservoir Lake and it was super pretty! In town it was 96 degrees but at the lake it was maybe 80 so it was much nicer. It dipped down to about 40 last night!

I got a headband order so of course I brought that with!

And here’s a video to go along with it:

It was beautiful and sunny on saturday…

But when we woke up sunday morning (today)…

A huge fog rolled in! We were inside of a giant cloud, which looked pretty cool in the woods, but the drive back on rough dirt roads was a bit terrifying.



This was only my 2nd camping trip ever ^^

…and the first time I ever peed in the woods.

I will now leave you with this work of art that two kids left for the world to see:

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