The evolution of the 2nd pallet

I built a trellis for my incoming cucumbers ^^ Tomatoes are going on the opposite end. I was originally going to build a second trellis for them, but I found out about the cat’s cradle method of supporting tomatoes and it’s way easier & cheaper! You can’t use it on something as heavy as cucumbers though.

I then decided to make this pallet dedicated to tall stuff, so I sawed off the middle board and I’m going to plant a couple of pea plants and a brussel sprout. Will the brussel sprout actually grow and thrive? Who knows! But the stalks are cool looking haha, so I wanna try. Also they taste good with butter…

I grabbed some sticks from the yard to use as supports. They’re free 😀

Lastly I finally got the fence up! I have rabbits and deer so I have 2 foot chicken wire on the bottom, with 4 foot mesh fencing on top. I rigged up a “door” with a really big branch from the yard. 

Tomorrow will be a big day for my cucumber and brussel sprout seedlings, they’re going into their new home! The brussels started out in my other pallet, but the cucumbers were started indoors and have been hardening for a few days. Yesterday I got the tomatoes and peas into pots, plus I got mini melon (minnesota midget from the U of M) seeds in the mail, so they’re going to germinate on top of the fridge like everything else. ^^ I’m going to put the melons next to the cucumbers.

I have no idea if anything will actually successfully grow tasty food, but I’m gonna try my best! 😀

(other than gardening I’m working on a new scarf crochet pattern! it’s really tedious so it’s taking me a while but it’s gonna be sooo awesome when it’s done)

Gardening with a bit of crochet
It’s spring!!

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