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multicolored knit diagonal stripes

This idea literally just popped into my head when I got out of the shower so I sat down and immediately graphed it. Someone’s probably come up with something similar but here it is: It’s really simple, just knit and purl. This shows the scarf on the right side, obviously the even # rows will be reversed. The darker color…

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Tote Bags Available!

These tote bags I sell on zazzle are now available in my etsy shop! So why buy them on etsy instead of zazzle? They’re cheaper  🙂

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Crochet & knit project bag: Bulk up, bro!

Do you even lift? I made quite a few crochet & yarn designs recently on zazzle, redbubble and society6, and these are my favorite. Zazzle has an instagram account and they had a little giveaway and I got lucky enough to win, so I ordered a couple of products! I got the bella circle shirt and the budget tote bag.…

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how to make yarn shelves

How to make yarn shelves with foam core

For years and years I’ve kept my yarn in plastic bins. You can never be 100% sure of what you have, even after opening them all up, because you can never see all of your yarn at once! It’s a truly terrible way for a yarn crafter to live. (first world problems, anyone?) Plus, hello ugly. Luckily enough, the new…

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