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Turn any crochet hat into a messy bun/ponytail hat

First of all, hi guys. I’m gonna start blogging regularily starting…now! Once a week will be my goal for now. Onto today’s subject: (photo & pattern by repeat crafter me) I would be lying to you all if I didn’t state this flat out first: I hate, hate, haaate this current trend. I don’t necessarily hate the “hats” themselves, just…

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DIY yarn shelves with foam core

Supplies needed: -Foam core -Ruler (yard or meter stick probably) -Pencil (to mark on your foam core) -Box cutter with a brand new blade (needs to be super sharp to cut foam core smoothly) For years and years I’ve kept my yarn in plastic bins. You can never be 100% sure of what you have, even after opening them all…

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