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New Crochet Patterns: Ice cream dude & coffee cup sleeves

Hey guys, I’ve got a few new crochet patterns posted this week!

crochet pattern ice cream dude

First up is this weird little ice cream cone bear guy! He started out as a random doodle in a notebook and I decided to bring him to life.

crochet pattern lace bow coffee sleeve

Next there’s this sweet lace bow coffee sleeve. Really simple and really sweet! Uses ww yarn plus some embroidery floss for the lace border.

crochet pattern animal coffee sleeve


crochet pattern animal coffee sleeves

And lastly are these two cute animal coffee sleeves! Obviously that cat has had too much coffee already…

You can grab ‘em on Etsy, Ravelry or Craftsy, whichever you prefer.  Currently only available on Ravelry.

Free Crochet Pattern: Textured infinity loop

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