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New Crochet Pattern: Bunny Ears Beret (with bows!)

Hey guys, I added a new crochet pattern to etsy & ravelry a few days ago! It’s my super adorable bunny ears beret with bows. 😀 Not gonna lie, I got the inspiration for this from a hat I saw on aliexpress. Mine’s pretty different though, it’s not a re-creation, it’s just what got my gears turning.

crochet pattern bunny ears beret




  • ww yarn in hat color & bow color
  • 4mm hook, 5mm hook, 8mm hook (yes really lol)

The hat itself is really simple, just dc and puff stitches.

crochet pattern bunny ears beret

I ended up using my brown wig for the photos, cuz my hair is light grey right now and the white hat just kinda blends in. Also, I was feeling mighty unmotivated & lazy that day, so I didn’t even brush the wig…haha oh man.



So head over to etsy or ravelry and grab the pattern. 🙂

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