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multicolored knit diagonal stripes

This idea literally just popped into my head when I got out of the shower so I sat down and immediately graphed it. Someone’s probably come up with something similar but here it is:

It’s really simple, just knit and purl. This shows the scarf on the right side, obviously the even # rows will be reversed. The darker color in each chunk is the same color, but purled. Every 5 stripe columns, you switch colors. Since each color change is only 1 stitch over, it’ll be a piece of cake, too.

The bordered piece is the pattern you’ll be repeating over and over, but of course there will be color changes.

Of course the # of stitches you start out with will depend on your yarn and how big you want it to be. This one is 24 st. Stripes are 2 st, space between them is 6 st, and you have 3 st at the start and end.

I don’t think this one will repeat evenly or anything so you’ll mostly go by eye. This is also really easy to customize based on how you want it; give it a try!

So if anyone uses this at all, tag me on social media cuz I’d love to see it 😀

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