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Little bunny free crochet pattern

Today’s post is a new free pattern, yay!

I made this little bunny probably a year ago. I think I had intended to make an online class on craftsy or something, but fell out of love with the idea. Instead I’ll just let you guys have it!

Since I had originally planned to video record the entire making of this little guy, I have no in-progress pictures. Hopefully that’ll be fine more most of you, as it’s just a simple little amigurumi. For those of you who’ve made amigurumi before, this will be a breeze.


Also I was too lazy to set up a surface to photograph it on so…have more shots of my hand! Hahaha

Well let’s get to it!


– 4mm hook

– ww yarn (red heart with love* is great for amigurumi because it’s soft but not too soft)

– thread for nose/mouth

– eyes (I used some tiny pastel brads from michaels)

– stuffing

– chalk pastels for blush (optional)

– q-tip or small paint brush if using pastels

(*affiliate link)



Here’s what we’re working with:


Pretty straightforward, I didn’t even have any cross outs!

Head & Body

This is one long tube.

Make a magic ring of 6sc

R1: 2sc into each st (12)

R2: 2sc into each st (24)

R3: *sc x 2, 2sc* repeat til end of row (32)

R4-R18: sc into each st (32)

Stop somewhere around row 11 and attach your eyes and embroider the nose and mouth before continuing. Add stuffing to shape it while you do this.

R19: *sc x 2, dec2tog* repeat til end of row (24)

R20: dec2tog entire row (12)

Stuff your bunny

R21: dec2tog entire row (6)

Finish off and close up the hole with your tail. Add any last second stuffing before closing up the hole.


Make a magic ring of 6sc

R1-R5: sc into each st (6)

Finish off and leave tail for sewing


Make a magic ring of 6sc

R1: *sc, 2sc* repeat til end of row (9)

R2-R3: sc into each st (9)

Finish off and leave tail for sewing


Make a magic ring of 6sc

R1: *sc, 2sc* repeat til end of row (9)

R2-R4: sc into each st (9)

Finish off and leave tail for sewing


Make a small pompom and sew it on!

Attaching the pieces

Stuff the stubby legs completely and sew them near the outside on the bottom, and sew the arms on at an angle, flat, with no stuffing.


Sew the ears on flat as well.

Then get out your pastels and lightly rub the bottoms of the arms and feet, the inner ear, the cheeks, and the nose!


And you’re done! Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment or tag me on social media if you make this cutie.

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