I saw pikas in real life!

They’re not an impossibly cute mythical creature, they really exist!! I went hiking on the trail at Medicine Wheel, here’s a little video of the pikas and marmots I saw.

There were plenty more I didn’t get on video of course, because they were so small and fast! It was really windy that day too, so my zoom lens was hard to steady.

I took a couple of pictures of the actual medicine wheel, but I didn’t include them in the video. When you got up there the info stand was basically like “we’re not entirely sure who built this or why, but golly isn’t it spiritual” :/

The waterfall is Porcupine Falls where we hiked later. It was like straight up and down at 10,000 miles above sea level. IT WAS ROUGH.

Two patterns finished today
Glacier National Park

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