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How instagram’s new slideshow feature is beneficial to small (and large!) businesses

Woohoo, it’s a party over here!


Instagram’s new slideshow feature, of course!

Okay, all silliness aside, I am loving the new insta slideshows. You can show up to 10 photos (or video clips!) in one single post, and simply swipe through them. An icon appears in the corner of the thumbnail to indicate that it’s slideshow, and on the actual photo or video, a dot bar appears below, indicating which slide you’re on. How is that beneficial to small business owners? Read on to find out!

Well, check this out:


Now swipe left and…


How great is that?! You can make what’s essentially a square business card and include it at the end of the slideshow! Goodbye having to copy and paste urls into the photo description, hello info card.

I decided to use the cute phone app Line Cam to make a graphic, because I wanted a unique, cute look that would appeal to my instagram followers.

Here’s another slideshow with 4 slides:


I’m pretty sure the feature has been rolled out worldwide now, so give it a try!

This is a great feature for anyone really, not just business owners! You can put any important information you need on it, like email, website, your agent’s phone number, your store hours, your class house (go hufflepuff!)…

What are you gonna do with the new slideshow feature?

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