Haven’t been able to crochet all week

Why? Well I’m dealing with a hint of cubital tunnel. D: I have some pinched nerves so I have to rest them. Sadly this isn’t even due to crochet, but to the last two months of being glued to my computer, working with very little physical activity.

This isn’t permanent by any means, at least, not in my case, I just have to rest my elbows basically.

Since I started having trouble I bought myself a standing computer desk, take jogging lap breaks every hour or so, and started sleeping with my arms straight. I just lost track of time during the day, working so much, not really realizing a whole day went by and I just…sat. The whole day. So now I set timers on my phone telling me to get up! Haha

I should be able to crochet again in about another week.

I saw pikas in real life!
Glacier National Park

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