Gardening with a bit of crochet

My life has been consumed by gardening haha. I’m learning so much, even if I don’t grow much this year, next year will be a success! We’ve had a few over 90 degree days so I’ve had to mulch all my plants and make shade spots with old bed sheets. 😛 I lost one of three cucumber plants, hopefully it’ll just be the one.

I was concerned about my leafy greens which always prefer cooler weather, so I made shade covers a couple of weeks ago:

If you stick your hand under there on a hot day, it’s only about 70 degrees in there, woop! So hopefully I can grow tasty spinach and lettuce despite the heat. We shall see.

In between my gardening and sessions of Ni No Kuni playing (hehe), I’ve gotten some crochet done!

A susuwatari scarf and a kitty plush! The patterns will be posted this week sometime. 🙂 Maybe even tomorrow if I feel like it!

New patterns are up!

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