Free crochet amigurumi pattern: bear coffee cup/mug cozy




Sorry for the blurry photos 😉

So here’s my first free pattern offering, I hope to have lots more in the future!

First things first, why a coffee cozy? Well I’ll tell you why, there weren’t any extra mugs in the cupboard at work (there usually are!), so I had to buy one if I wanted coffee. The only thing we had in the store was a metal water bottle. This thing gets hot! It’s BPA free (or so it says) so at least I don’t have to worry about poisoning myself. So yeah, I needed this thing.

You’ll need:

yarn & hook – I used red heart and a 4.00 hook, not too important.

felt for facial features (or buttons or whatever)

additional yarn or embroidery thread for facial features

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