Free crochet amigurumi pattern: bear coffee cup/mug cozy



Sorry for the blurry photos 😉

So here’s my first free pattern offering, I hope to have lots more in the future!

First things first, why a coffee cozy? Well I’ll tell you why, there weren’t any extra mugs in the cupboard at work (there usually are!), so I had to buy one if I wanted coffee. The only thing we had in the store was a metal water bottle. This thing gets hot! It’s BPA free (or so it says) so at least I don’t have to worry about poisoning myself. So yeah, I needed this thing.


-4mm hook

-ww yarn

-felt for facial features


Puff stitch

Yarn over, insert hook through st and back out; Yarn over, insert hook through st and back out; Yarn over, insert hook through st and back out, yarn over then pull through all 7 loops & do one ch after. Here’s a youtube video if you need a visual:


To start, chain around your mug of choice. Or get a cup from your favorite coffee shop.

Just chain until it fits. You don’t want it to be loose or it’ll just fall off the mug and your coffee will all be on the floor (and your new, white shoes). Join it together to form a circle, but be sure that you don’t twist it and get a mobius strip!

Then we’ll go into the puff stitching.

Row 1: *make a puff stitch, chain 1 (this an additional chain on top of the chain you make to create the puff stitch), skip 1* repeat

Don’t do any slip stitches between rows, just keep going

Row 2+: Make puff stitches between the puff stitches of the previous row.  No extra chains or skipping

Continue until it’s tall enough. This will depend entirely on your yarn, hook size and tension. As you can see in my photo, I only needed 6 rows.

On the last stitch I did a HDC to make the end smoother. Finish off and weave in the end.


Ch 7, join together to form a ring. Do 6 puff stitches around the ring, finish off w/a few inches to sew it to the head.

Now attach the ears, make the face and you’re done! Yay!

Send me photos of your creations! 😀

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