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New Crochet Pattern: Psyduck Pokemon Hat

Y’all I’m back with a new crochet pattern and it’s quite possibly the most glorious, wearable psyduck that’s ever existed. As usual, the pattern is available on Etsy and Ravelry!

crochet pattern psyduck pokemon hat

I mean, the competition for the title of most glorious, wearable psyduck is rather small, buuuut I’m pretty sure I won.

crochet pattern psyduck pokemon hat

So what do you need for this delightful duck hat?




  • 2 strands of worsted yarn held together, for both the hat and beak. It can be hard to find the right color in super bulky so I often go the double ww route. This particular color is from Big Twist Baby yarn, from Jo-ann Fabrics.
  • 8mm hok & 5mm hook
  • ww yarn in black and white
  • lil button eyes



crochet pattern psyduck pokemon hat

It works up really quickly, too! I’ll definitely be offering the finished hat in on etsy, but I’m not ready to open back up for orders just yet. But there’s no waiting on the pattern, grab it at etsy or ravelry right now!

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crochet pattern psyduck pokemon hat

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