Bulk up, bro!

Do you even lift?

I made quite a few crochet & yarn designs recently on zazzle, redbubble and society6, and these are my favorite. Zazzle has an instagram account and they had a little giveaway and I got lucky enough to win, so I ordered a couple of products! I got the bella circle shirt and the budget tote bag.

The shirt is a knit microfiber and is really, really soft!! It definitely gets wrinkles though so take it out of the dryer immediately and hang it up! The print is super soft, when you run your fingers over it you can barely even feel it. I found the size chart to be accurate so be sure to check it before you order one!

The tote bag is bigger than I expected & can hold a whole heck of a lot of yarn! You could fit an afghan-in-progress in there!! The measurements are 15.75"h x 15.25"w.

Wear this shirt to the gym and see what kind of funny looks you get XD

Check out all of the yarn themed designs I have at Zazzle, Rebubble or Society6!

Glacier National Park
Free Pattern: 4 inch planter

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