lacy floral shawl crochet pattern

Crochet Pattern Round-up: gorgeous vintage florals

Hey guys, time to show off some oh-so-pretty vintage floral crochet patterns I’ve found! I’m such a sucker for giant, frilly, lacy things, and maybe after this post, you will be too. 🙂 First up is this gorgeous, chunky wrap from WhisperTwister. Just look at that big, bulky floral goodness! I want to wrap myself up in it right now!…

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totoro in a sunny valley

Free Crochet Pattern: Mini Totoro! #totoroIRL

It’s finally time. Time for what? Time to release my mini Totoro crochet pattern!! I first made this guy something like 3 years ago, and it remains one of my favorite patterns of all time. Totoro’s home is in the forest, so I love taking photos of him on hikes.   He’s a nice, tiny, pocket-sized friend, so he’s easy…

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My first crochet sweater!

Links marked with * are affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you buy anything through them. Guys I’m so excited to share my current personal project: a crochet sweater!! It’s the first sweater I’ve ever made. I officially started on November 16th 2017, (thank you to ravelry’s project feature) so if I manage to finish…

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how bullet journaling helps my business and my life

How bullet journaling helps my business and my life

You’ve probably heard about bullet journaling by now, the trend is all over the place. Even michaels has a dedicated planner section now! But maybe you don’t know much about it, and you want to know more. When it comes right down to it, a bullet journal is simply a to-do list. Some people only use them as month overviews,…

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free crochet pattern bear coffee sleeve

Free crochet pattern: bear coffee sleeve

This pattern was originally posted in May of 2014 and had terrible photos and poor instructions, so I’m updating it! The updated version is way better looking, too! In my opinion anyway. 🙂 Here’s the original: It’s so friggin’ blurry! I couldn’t have taken an extra 5 minutes out of my day and tried to take better photos?? Siiiiigh. Well,…

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crochet rectangle shawl

The biggest pattern I’ve ever done!

So I started a new crochet pattern a couple weeks ago and it’s going really well, considering it’s the biggest project I’ve ever attempted! Save one blanket, anyway. But it was a granny square blanket, so technically it was a ton of little pieces, not one large one. You might have seen my post about the rectangle shawl I found…

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puff stitch crochet

My favorite crochet stitch: the puff stitch

Ah, the puff stitch. Short, long, skinny, chubby, it can be anything you want it to be. The puff stitch is my absolute favorite stitch. As of this moment, there are 14 patterns in my etsy shop that use a puff stitch! One of those patterns includes my pretty flower slouchy hat. I even have a scarf that’s nearly all…

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Crochet Pattern Round-up: Sloths!

Disclosure: Some links below are affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you buy anything through them. Hey guys, I hope you’re ready for a little fun, cuz we’re about to celebrate the glory of the sloth. Slow moving, covered in algae, and sometimes has a part time job at Shirokuma Cafe. So let’s take a…

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crochet pattern psyduck pokemon hat

New Crochet Pattern: Psyduck Pokemon Hat

Y’all I’m back with a new crochet pattern and it’s quite possibly the most glorious, wearable psyduck that’s ever existed. As usual, the pattern is available on Etsy and Ravelry! I mean, the competition for the title of most glorious, wearable psyduck is rather small, buuuut I’m pretty sure I won. So what do you need for this delightful duck…

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free-crochet-pattern-face-wash-headband (7)

Free Crochet Pattern: Face Wash Headband (with cat ears!)

Hey everybody, I hope you all had a great holiday season! Mine was especially great, I got engaged to the best dude on the whole planet. No offense to any of y’all’s partners, but I snagged the best one. But anyway, let’s talk about my new free crochet pattern! I had to google “face washing headband” a minute ago to…

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